Finding your Peace of Derek


I have created this blog for my friends and family to follow my journey with the Peace Corps in Costa Rica.

As well, this blog is about finding your Peace of Derek. Finding whatever peace you are looking for to help you through your struggles. Help you overcome a fear that has been brewing deep inside of your heart. We all have a different struggle we face, but the struggle itself is just a moment, the meaning of the struggle is a symbol we all share together. I hope this blog will connect you to that symbol and that deep meaning. To me, that is my Peace of Derek.

Yesterday may have been tough. Today may have been even worse, but tomorrow is a new day. An opportunity to take a new perspective; an opportunity to find your peace and continue forward. I invite you to search for your ‘Peace of Derek’ with me and find your own peace in whatever it is you are searching for.



One thought on “Finding your Peace of Derek

  1. Joe Bessom says:

    We are all in this Life Together. We all have out struggles, it’s how we deal with them is the difference Proud of you girl, your Dad is to

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