Site assignment “Colonia Libertad”

What a weekend! The anticipation for site assignment day has been built up since the day I boarded the plane those 2 long months ago. I couldn’t be any happier and excited about my placement! I am headed to Colonia Libertad. I know that means nothing to you and unfortunately, you won’t be able to find it on a map but there are some photos below. I am in the province of Alejuela, very close to the Guanacaste boarder. My town is located close to Volcan Rincon de Viaje.


I am following a current volunteer who leaves at the end of July. It is not extremely common to follow volunteers but it happens. In the case of this site, there is still much more potential for economic growth so the town and the volunteer requested that a second volunteer come. Annnd here I go! I feel extremely lucky to have gotten placed in this site. It is a dream site with dream projects and community members. There is small presence of rural tourism already and hopes to increase.


I will be close to "aguas claras"

The town has lots of farming which is an asset to the rural tourism. There is a bed and breakfast type farm  (La Anita Rainforest Ranch) that is a perfect getaway located in a jungle like feel. Tourists have the opportunity to get a real feel for the country of Costa Rica with farming, eating fresh farmed produce, aromatic/medicinal plants, hand made artisan goods, and a real tranquila feel. The town requested the next volunteer continue on rural tourism projects, along with women/youth groups in relation to environmental awareness and sports, recycling projects, business plans, and working closely with the “empresio de credito.” Empresio de credito is a local banking system that is present in most communities within the country. It is basically a loan/share holder banking system for community members.

All in all, I am ecstatic to be getting out of my comfort zone and to live my life with the purest intent to learn from the people of my new community. This will be my home for the next 2 years. I can’t say with more confidence that I am in the absolute right place, doing the right thing.
Thank you again to everyone for your support.


Vac tail party! Met tons of current volunteers!





Rio Celeste! Not too far away


Volcan Miravalles. Another volcano close by!

One thought on “Site assignment “Colonia Libertad”

  1. bob scott says:

    My very special granddaughter:. I’m still trying to get some loving words to you and this old “grandma” is fighting with her IPhone. But I hope this gets to you. If it does, I have much to say to you and your heartwarming thoughts about your Dad, my treasured son. Your writing is awesome – did you get that from me? No, I have never been able to express myself so beautifully. Know that Papa Bob and I send you our love — and we are so very proud of what you are doing – giving back to others and sharing your talents and love with the wonderful people of one of our favorite destinations = Costa Rica.
    So much love, Grams Cathy

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