I sit here with a break from cramming Costa Rican economics and endless conversations in a language other than my native tongue, and I ponder my future. Nothing dramatic; pretty simple concepts. These are almost incomprehensible thoughts because I am not leaving the beautiful land of Pura Vida for some time, but already, with a light glimpse into the life of others, I contemplate what my own future will entail.

I imagine I’m a bird – flying from home to home with tunes of sunshine. I see my future self in a garden amongst an abundance of flowers. There’s stargazers, birds of paradise, Lilly’s, carnations, and soft pink bundles of roses with their petals graciously spread amongst the freshest of green grass. I’m so happy. Humming along in sunshine with the birds I call my friends. A place for the birds to visit and me to call home.

The simplicity is vast and unattainable at the same time. Like vapor – waving my tiny fingers to savor even just a piece, but it leaves me with only a moment of memory. I’m back to the predecessor. The ideas of the unnecessary but so urgently craved.

Take me back to my rocking chair in my garden that blinds the eye with it’s ever lasting beauty and undeniable scent. Where your ears burst with life by only the sounds of the flapping wing’s of butterflies. There is life. There is death. There is rebirth. There is pureness. Everything is there.

I contemplate my desire with seeing every inch of the world when I escape to my garden of tangled vines and endless trees to climb. A grassy knoll for siestas and a nicely placed stump to rest my fresh brewed coffee. After all of the instability I will be experiencing the next 2 years, am I going to easily exchange living day by day out of a suitcase for a floral tranquility?

My pressing thought for the day.

May your days be filled with joy and flowers

Miss and love you all.

P.s. my garden would definitely have a pug or two running around!!

Xo Aim




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