Stability has definitely been lacking. Uncertainty has created some amounts of fear. But the future I have dreamt of has never seemed more tangible. It’s easy to let the smoke take its course of distraction, but every time I close my eyes, my mind wanders to a place of passion. Passion is a feeling I wish I was more familiar with, but an emotion I am ready to embrace.

I am embarking on my journey of finding and following my passion. Passion is that place deep in your heart that at times feels so empty. Many confuse that void with a person, but I think I am starting to learn that passion is more about yourself than any other person could ever amount to. It’s about lighting that fire. It’s feeling that burn within your soul. Motivation. Determination. Drive. But that smoke, that smoke will try to distract you from your passion. Don’t let it.

I invite you to follow me on my journey of passion. My journey of finding myself and my journey of finding my Peace of Derek.

One thought on “Ready.Set.Passion.

  1. Megan Lafferty says:

    That was so nicely put Aim. The journey you are on, will lead you to a beautiful future that you will be proud of. Miss you always. xx

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